Tesoro Imaging S.L. is a spin-off of Institute of Molecular Imaging Instrumentation (i3M) of the CSIC and the UPV, which is developing a mobile and low cost magnetic resonance system that means a disruption in the dental medical imaging market.

Our innovation is based in 3 pillars:

  1. The development of lightweight systems that can obtain local images cheaply.
  2. Ability to see soft and hard tissues (such as bones or teeth).
  3. Time to get immediate results (real time).

Our systems are to compete with panoramic X-ray and cone-beam X-ray CT (Computerized Tomography) systems. Based on an ultra-fast technology licensed to Tesoro Imaging, our system is radiation-free and aimed at replacing conventional X-ray dental devices. It can visualize both hard and soft tissues, expanding the diagnostic and planning capabilities of dentists.

Some of our ongoing work includes:

  • Design new technologies magnet design.
  • Design of new high efficiency strength gradient coils.
  • Development of ultra fast high frequency pulse sequences.
  • 3D Magnet and Coils printed using additive manufacturing techniques.