Milestones and news:

New Paper

Prepolarized MRI of Hard Tissues and Solid-State Matter.

J.M. GonzálezJ. BorregueroE. PallásJ.P. RiglaJ.M. AlgarínR. BoschF. GalveD. Grau-RuizR. PellicerA. RíosJ.M. BenllochJ. Alonso. arXiv. 2110.03417. (2020) (public preprint in

Prepolarized Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PMRI) is along-established technique conceived to counteract the loss in signal strength inherent to low- field MRI systems. When it comes to hard biological tissues and solid-state matter, PMRI is severely restricted by their ultra-short characteristic relaxation times. In the paper, we demonstrate that hard tissue prepolarization is possible with a 0.26T scanner designed for dental MRI. These results can be applied to clinical dental imaging, making low-field PMRI scanners a possible replacement for hazardous X – ray systems.

  • September 2013: Weinberg Medical Physics licenses dental applications of its proprietary ultrafast MRI to Tesoro Imaging S.L.
  • November 2014: Funding received under the «Retos-Colaboración» Programme from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the Development and Homologation of Compact Clinic Equipment for Dental Magnetic Resonance.
  • November 2016: Funding received under the the FETOPEN (H2020) program 2016 from the European Commission for the project called In situ imaging of living tissues with cellular spatial resolution (Histo-MRI).